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The Jang-Calderon Family Foundation was founded in 2020 with the mission to help underprivileged youth achieve their professional goals, and guide them to obtain successful professional careers. The JCFF also believes in racial equality and promotes inclusion, diversity, justice and equal opportunities for all.


Ilia Calderon is the President and Founder of the Jang-Calderon Family Foundation. She is a respected journalist who happens to be the first Afro-latina news anchor to present a Spanish-language national newscast in the United States. Ilia was born in El Chocó, Colombia, and experienced a modest and humble childhood. As a child, she had big dreams and her dedication and perseverance led  her to a successful educational background, which ultimately guided her into becoming who she is today. From interviews with presidents, to covering social movements, political unrest, the humanitarian immigrant crisis at the border and even natural disasters, Ilia has extensive experience giving a voice to the voiceless, and understanding the hardships people sometimes have to face. Her work has inspired her to pursue speaking at notable company events on the topic of social justice and racism in order to change what is not right. Ilia was also influenced by all of these experiences to create this foundation in order to help those who may have big dreams with limited opportunities, like she once did. 


Eugene “Gene” Jang is the Vice-President of the Jang-Calderon Family Foundation. Gene met Ilia in Miami in 2009 and they formed a beautiful multi racial, diverse family with the birth of their daughter Anna. Gene is Korean-American, raised in New York where he attended Columbia University. He studied physical therapy and today has his own practice where he treats high profile athletes and postoperative patients. Gene is the son of immigrants from South Korea, and truly understands the struggles immigrants face when starting a new life in a new country. The barriers of language, low economic status and long hours of work take a toll on all family members. Gene believes education is the key to a better life, and fully supports jang-Calderon family Foundation’s mission. 

Anna Jang-Calderon is the inspiration behind the JCFF.  She is a bright, fun and caring young lady who loves her cat Chase, and swimming for hours in the pool. At her young age of 8 she has demonstrated her interest in philanthropic work, and will be a big part of the JCFF.

Photo Credit Enrique Tubio

Photo Credit: Enrique Tubio

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